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F1 2019 How do you modify R&D Performance Lines to Reflect Performance Changes?

F1 2019 The Game (Codemasters)
Its possible that the lines are simply a cosmetic change but for some of us it provides some better immersion. Or, perhaps they are tied into the contract system somehow? If you made an engine that was 50% more powerful than the Mercedes engine, so your line/bar in the R&D section was 1.5 times the Mercedes line in the R&D section, would that then in turn alter the contract system where your team would start expecting more of you?

Someone here must know how to change these, or what they entail. Some actual help instead of people just reading and not replying would be great, thanks :)
It's not doable (or if it is no-one has figured out how to). There's no clear place that would host such files and it isn't automated directly from the performance file so likely it comes from a database file that we can't modify