how do you host custom tracks and cars(mods) in a dedicated server?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Jose Neira, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. Jose Neira

    Jose Neira

    Apologies to admin as I think i originally posted this in the wrong section

    I wanted to know how do I host a ded server that allows me to use custom dloaded tracks and cars MODS.

    When I eventually got my ded server to show up online the other day I noticed that these tracks and cars were not available and I have alot of custom tracks and quite a few mods. So how can I do this please?

    Thx in advance

  2. Robin Cook

    Robin Cook

    in your steam folders youl see another directory called race07 dedi or something similar. all the mod content/tracks/cars need to be in here to be able to select them in the server.

    ive got a shortcut set on my desktop that opens my docs/simbin, the steam directory, the dedi directory and a backup on a seperate drive and any time i get new content they get pasted in all 4 folders.

    the backup saves a lot of hassle when ya come to do a fresh install.
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  3. Andrew Moore

    Andrew Moore

    Thanks for this, always wondered how to do this. I just tried it, works fine :D

    The folder is Steam/steamapps/username/race07ds.

    Cheers Robin