How do you choose a correct race strategy?

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    Hi all friends!

    I'm doing a 50% race distance season and in most of the races the engineer select a 2 pit-stop strategy using:
    - Start with option tyres used in qualifying
    - First pit-stop and put prime tyres
    - Second pit-stop and put prime tyres

    In these cases I change the strategy to a 3 pit-stop race using:
    - Start with option tyres used in qualifying
    - First pit-stop and put option tyres
    - Second pit-stop and put option tyres
    - Third pit-stop and put prime tyres

    In most of the races I win the race but in the last race in Silverstone the strategy fails: A 2 pit-stop strategy seems to be better.

    My question is: how could I sense what strategy should be better? 2 or 3 pit-stops?

    And why the engineer in most of the cases selects a 2 pit-stop strategy and the AI cars always do this strategy too?

    Thanks in advance and a very happy racing from Spain!!
  2. Jason Warburton

    Jason Warburton

    The pit lane at silverstone is massive if thats any help.
  3. Jamie-Lee Mayers

    Jamie-Lee Mayers
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    As the post above suggested, you have to take the length of the pitlane into consideration so you know how much time your losing compared with the length of time youll gain with the fresh rubber in the stops.In a 50% race, 2 stoppers are the norm because the tyres only really wear out enough for a 2 stop, apart from the red super softs but even then I managed to 2 stop in Canada in a 50% race and the suggested was a 4 stop lol
  4. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
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  5. Carlo Mantovani

    Carlo Mantovani

    At Silverstone the pitlane lenght isn't as much of a disadvantage as you might imagine, it bypasses a couple of slow corners. That's why we saw stop-go penalties rather than drive throughs at the real race this year.
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