"how do i recover my login details"?

Jose Neira

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Dec 17, 2008
Plz ask for any details i'll try to explain what i can, it's easier than me boring you with my complete story,,,,but the bottom line is i need the login details i created years ago and have completely forgotton, the old email i used doesn't exist anymore not even the old URL name for the site (Rock.com)...so how can i do this?, i should add i'm using the original cd version of the game not the steam version...and it's updated to version 1.1, perhaps the current version is newer?

i'm getting general error whenever i try to login......


no answers?, Is the reason for that the GTL servers have now closed,? the game is over 10 years old now so that would be understandable, i'm looking for help on google, and finding very little if any information about the game in 2019, is this why i am being returned a "general error" everytime i try and login, or is it as i first thought because I have either input my username or password incorrectly?, i could obviously buy another copy of the game, but that seems stupid when i alredy have the game , obviously my login detais are not automatically entered as I am now on a completely different machine and operating system originally that was win xp professional, and currently i'm on win 7 x64 professional. pleae anybody who knows if you can confirm the servers have closed just reply

Ok nvm mind, good to see you all help each other out on here, (that's sarcasm btw) anyway just wanted to say i sorted it, out of desperation believing all it would do was bar me, for having duplicate accounts with same game copy, i decided to re-register, and boom looks like i'm in....so see you online

Jose AKA Espyorkshireman
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