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How can I improve the AI?

Sorry for the bad english. Auto-translation.

One big problem with AC. Bad AI of rivals. When you overtake an opponent, he fights with you and everything is fine, but as soon as you overtook the opponent, some kind of trigger turns on and the opponent rides from behind, not making attempts to overtake even when you are driving very slowly or make a big mistake.
Not sure if there is a mod that fixes this?
If you are using CSP try the option "New Behavior"

Beside that the Aggression is here the key. If you set it too high, it can make the AI going wild, especially with very fast cars or open wheelers.
Try fe. GT3 at about 75-80% , faster cars 65-75% and slower ones (touring, classics...) higher 85-95% Just a suggestion.

But also the overall strenghts can lead to this AI behavior. If the AI is too fast and you are just too slow, they will always try to "ride you out of the way" Adjust the streghts and agressivness to your skill level.