How can I change a internal stering wheel degree?

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Jakub Sulej, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. Jakub Sulej

    Jakub Sulej

    As title sais, where is file in which I can change a visual of rotation of stering wheel in cocpit.
  2. 2re


    You can set the virtual steering wheel in RBR to the same degree of turning as your own PC wheel.
    The default value in RBR is 60 degrees. By increasing the number you can get it to sync with your PC wheel.
    You can find out what's right for you by turning your wheel clockwise. If it stops at 3 o'clock then you have a total of 180 degree turning and in that case the value in RBR will be 90. ( 90 left + 90 right =180 degree turning )

    You can change the virtual wheel turning degree in "misc.rbz" [​IMG] "LM_driver.ini"

    The Rbz files can be opened as Zip.. Just assosiate the rbz files with Winzip or simply rename the Misc.rbz file to (rename it back later)
    If you extract the Misc.rbz file RBR will then always use the plain folder insted of the rbz file.

    "ini" files can be opened with "notpad" or any text editor.

    The value you need to change is on the first line in the LM_driver.ini file
    Max Steeringwheel degrees = 60 ( is default value) (Use half the value of your wheels full rotation)

    easy as pie and done in 20 seconds.

    PS. Files can be write protected. If you have any problems editing the files then right click on the file or the RBR folder for that matter. Select properties, uncheck "Read only". click OK..
    Now you can edit any file in RBR.
  3. Eddie Mann

    Eddie Mann

    Thanks 2Re, this kind of thing use to bother me to, i will try these setting's 2nite.

    2re, do these changes also affect the physical steering input eg: lock-lock, or is it mainly for visual only, i would prefer to make steering rotation changes in game rather than logitech software etc?

    I guess there's only one way to find out :)
  4. 2re


    Yes its only a visual tweak, but important I think, and it looks cool in replay.
    Try to use a virtual wheel that has a "taped/painted" center strip.

    Another thing that comes to mind when we talk about synchronizing our real wheel with the virtual one, is the front wheels of the car.
    Warning. This comes from memory and might not be all correct, its been several years since I fiddled with RBR sounds and files.

    I remember having a eureka moment when I had my G25 set to 360 rotation and matched it in game 2 places.
    1. Set the LM_driver.ini tweak to Max Steering wheel degrees = 180
    2. In game Go to Tune Car setup. Under suspension setting you'll find Rollbar and steering. Default Max steering lock is 504. Change it to 360.

    Max steering lock is how much the front wheels will turn.
    360 is the lowest setting and that will make the car drive in big circles, and it can make hairpin turns a little harder.
    Well actually as I remember it made me much more precise as I believe I had something like a 1-1 steering. Like a Go cart.

    My theory is that you'll be more precise when max lock and steering rotation are closer together or best, equal.
    I also believe we make it harder for our selfs when we use a high max lock number with low steering rotation.
    Because it will give you a tendency to overturn, witch makes the car undesteer and plow you straight of the road.

    One more thing.
    I think the 1-1 setting is best without "fade" on the wheel in RBR control settings.
    With a low Max Lock number as 360 theres no need for it.

    If you like it? You can edit the default setups manually in RBR with a text editor.

    BTW. You can use any steering lock and feel good about it, its just a matter of practice.

    Phew. Stop asking questions please :rolleyes:
  5. Rick Bamford

    Rick Bamford

    Interesting to read and thanks 2re for the in-game changes, i might have to try that out.

    Now, this is just a question and I'm not having a go at anyone, but if you have a G25 that can rotate to 900 degrees and be changed to everything in between why don't you make it as close to real as possible? When driving a WRC car i have mine set to 540 degrees (1 1/2 turns) and in Group N4 it is set to 720 (2 turns) and so on.

    It seams like a waist of money to buy a G25 and not use it.
  6. 2re


    I agree with you, but I didn't buy the G25 because it had 900 rotation, but its a cool feature.
    Just tried it a few times but never came close to enjoy it, only truck and buss drivers would need that much rotation ;-)

    I have been using 540 in RBR most of the time because its closer to reality.
    540 is also a good overall setting for many games. Would be fun to try, as you, 720 for road cars.
    But that will only happen if I do some modification on the G25 and put on a real size steering wheel.

    I remember I was making a new gravel setup for the Hyundai and East West was my test bench.
    Changing Max lock to 360 in the setup made me instantly more precise.
    I tried it on tarmac too, and it was much more precise there also. Hairpins was not a problem and went like a dream.
    360 max lock is really a tad to low for hairpins but you can drive them with no spin but you must enter the turn from the outside.

    I went back to 540 rotation later and used it as a permanent profile for all games.
    But the question asked here brought it back to memory so perhaps I should test it again.

    If you still have 504 as default max lock in RBR try to set your wheel rotation to the same.
    Test it and report back what you think :rolleyes: But do try the 360 - 360 combo too.
    As I said earlier, there's no correct setting, you can get used to any.
    But if my memory is correct you will be more precise with a low max lock setting.
    I don't know if its correct to say its 1-1 when they match but it feels more natural to me.
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