How about this idea (if automatic steering lock isn't possible)


Jan 22, 2014
Method 1
Have every car's default setup include the "perfect" steering lock (or range or whatever it's called in the garage menu). Set the value according to a 270 wheel (or whatever Rieza would like). Then, for people using 540 degree wheels, they just simply double that default value. Or triple it for 810 degrees, or quadruple it for 1080 degrees, etc.

Method 2
If doing the above, the total amount of steering angle the car is capable of - if set perfectly according to 270 degrees - would be quite low for just about every car besides karts. So, you may need to make the steering quicker than realistic levels (a higher value in the default setup) so that people using only 270 degree wheels can still get around corners. I think this is what Rieza currently do. So, if Rieza would like to keep this method then what they could do as well (instead of method 1, above) is to include a setup for every car. The setup can just be called "realistic lock 540" or "realistic lock 900" or whatever. That setup will have the correct lock for that car according to whatever wheel range is mentioned in the setup's filename or the notes section.

There, no need to figure out what every single car is and no need to check websites/forums because every single car would come with the perfect lock already setup (whether by default, or in the included setup file). It can't get any easier than one of these 2 methods (besides having it all done automatically) :)
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Mar 31, 2015
It's not about not being able to be done.
It's just not in yet.

Reiza have already stated that it will come in one of the next updates :)