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Hotfix 0.6.1 now available

Quick work from Kunos!

v0.6.1 Changelog

- Added rear-view camera display in Lamborghini Huracán GT3.
- Consistent mirror resolution in all cars.
- Fixed ghost car not working in some instances.
- Ghost car now has a more stable render.
- Fixed replay highlights increasing with longer sessions.
- Fix to mirror resolution default.
NOTE: defaults to intended default resolution (MID) without changing anything. The EPIC setting is now eliminated. No action required from the user.
- Added presession timer to MP.
- Fix to false-positive DQ resulting from teleporting to pits.
- Fixed standings widget not updating total player count.
- Fixed driving camera resetting after entering and leaving the pause menu.
- Fixed both Nissans' setup ECU values, now start from 1.
- Fixed potential issue with road effects settings not loading properly.
- Race communication durations edited for important messages.
- Race results now show gaps to leader.
- AI skill and aggressiveness sliders remember last set values across game modes.
NOTE: AI values will reset after initial launch so pay attention when playing for the first time.
- Informative help snippets added when selecting each graphics setting.