Honda Indy Toronto

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by SOLO59, Jul 18, 2016.

  1. SOLO59


    This event was intense and packed with action in and around the track! James Hinchcliffe pulled off a podium finish for us Hinchtown Toronto fans!!!

    I got a chance to drive the motion racing simulator they had setup! First time using triple screens, a direct drive wheel, (I don't know the pedals but they were high quality), and a full motion simulator! They posted a challenge; "can you beat James Hinchcliffe's lap of 1:03.5xx." I know the Honda Indy track but it was a while though. It was difficult but they said I beat James with a 1:03.1xx! James and the other drivers in real life were 2 seconds faster than the virtual setup.

    I even had the pleasure of meeting Inside Sim Racing's very own Darin Gangi! He was helping out with the motion simulation setup at the Honda Indy. We spoke briefly and he's a real nice guy! He was there on Day 2 but I didn't see him day 3. The video below is from day 3! This video was better than day 2 though lol Enjoy!

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  2. Tyler24


    What kind of car were you driving?
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