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Honda HSV RacePack 1[Super GT] Honda HSV-GT

Skins Honda HSV RacePack 1[Super GT] Honda HSV-GT 1.0

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monkeyfan250 submitted a new resource:

Honda HSV RacePack 1[Super GT] Honda HSV-GT - the first ever skin pack for the honda hsv

a skin pack that included
Spoon racing 95
Spoon 01 Dome
Honda racing Prototype
18 Takata Green
18 Takata Yellow

here is a test for a skin pack of this car, i like this car a lot and i feel you guys do as well
MOD link:https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/supergt-gt500-hsv010-gt.16866/ View attachment 327506 View attachment 327507 View attachment 327508 View attachment 327509 ...

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