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Honda Accord R 2007 - Porto

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Setups' started by Lee Downham, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. Lee Downham

    Lee Downham

    Not sure if this is any good whatsoever ... best I could come up with in my first hour or so of practice and tweaking and at the track ... at the end of which I managed a 2:09 and was consistently in 2:10's ... a bit on the slow side I guess - will keep working. :p

    Feedback and suggestions for improvements are most welcome!!

    UPDATE1: Quick few late night laps with this and now at 2:08.2
    UPDATE2: Went to 2.07.2 roughly 10 mins after update1 (I like were this is going)
    UPDATE3: Managed 2:06 with few tweaks to tyre temps, but defo has 2:05 in it, or 2:04 with even more tweaks and Nigel at the wheel :wink:

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  2. Nigel Atkins

    Nigel Atkins

    thx Lee, if i can keep it off the walls i`ll let you now my time :)
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