HoiHman Race Rig & Rims showcase


Dec 7, 2009
Because i lost overview of all my post in the "Show your rig" topic and a lot of pictures where not working anymore, it's time for my own topic.

HoiHman Race Rig & Rims Showcase

The purpose of this topic is:

- Show case of my rig
- Show case of steeringwheel collection
- Future updates

My rig is not permanent, but temporary. The rig is in my office and is stored during the day.

This is my office "race mode" (at night and in weekends)

This is my office during the day.

Thanks to years of optimization, setting up the rig is now a piece of cake.

My 80/20 rig is made of 3 sections:

- The pedal section (is bolted down in the ground under my desk)
- Seat section (NLMv3 motion rig + GS-4 seat+HE-shifter+Handbrake)
- Steering wheel section (AccuForce + Dashboard + Windsim)

To set up the rig i have to
- Place the seat and steering wheel section
- Thighten 4 handscrews
- connect 2 power connectors
- connect 3 USB connectors
- connect 2 multi connnectors

This takes 3-4 minutes on average

The seat section is on a cart during the day

The steering wheel section is in the cupboard behind my rig during the day, this is also the place where all (13) rims are hanging.

PC Hardware

MOtherboard : Asus Maximus Hero 9
CPU: I7-7700K @4500mhz
GPU: Asus ROG 1080Ti OC Strix
HD: 2x samsum 850SSD
Sound: Onboard + Logitech Z5500
Simvibe: Creative X-fi en Asus Xonar DGX


-Philips 40" 4k monitor
-55" Samsung TV ( on a tv lift behind the desk )
-Oculus Rift

Race Sim Hardware

-Heusinkveld Pro Pedals
-Curved carbon fiber dashboard
-Curved carbon fiber center console
-HE sequential shifter
-Fanatec Handbrake

Tactile feedback and motion
-Simvibe chassis
-4x Simvibe extension
-NLMv3 motion seatmover
-GS-4 seat

Despite all the hardware that has been added over the years, including motion, 8 buttkickers, buttonboxes etc etc, setting up my rig takes just as long as when I raced in my office chair 8)


From the moment that I was a Beta tester of Simvibe, I knew that this is something very special. You can compare it with the FFB of a steering wheel. Actually essential for every rig.

I am a true enthusiast and have the maximum number of simvibe channels
- 4 buttkicker mini LFE's in chassismode (small bumps, rpm, road-feel)
- 1 buttkicker mini LFE at the HE-shifter ( rpm, gearshift effect)
- 2 buttkickers mini LFE on the bakc of the GS-4 (rpm, gearshift effect)
- 1 buttkicker Advance at the pedals (big bumps, impacts)
- 1 buttkicker LFE under the seat (big bumps, impacts)

The pedals section with left and right the "chassis buttkickers" and in the middle the larger BK Advance

The large LFE under GS-4 seat and the NLMv3

Left and right : the "chassis buttkickers" .
In the middle : 2 buttkickers for rpm (cooled by a fan)
Below: 12v powersupply and arduino housing for the WindSimulator.

Due to the large number of buttkickers, the "tuning" of this is quite a lot of work, but once you've done it, it's great fun

The small buttkickers do road noise and small bumps much better than a big buttkicker. A bigger buttkicker you just want again for impacts and curbs. Especially the LFE under the chair has a lot of impact.

The GS-4 seat

Top left and bottom right of the picture the 2 connection points with which the seat section is attached to the desk and the pedal section.

Due to the construction there is no to negligible flex

The GS-4 is perhaps the best purchase I have made in the simrace field. The GS-4 has 4 panels that simulate the G-forces in the corners.

A motion simulator only simulates the G-forces at the start of the corner, the GS-4 will do its job throughout the corner. Long turners are a pleasure every time .

The GS-4 has no damping on the panels. For some extra comfort I made 10mm hard foam on the panels. On the sides I have made a raised edge on the panels myself. This ensures that the "G-forces" come more from the side instead of the back and that the chair pushes better into your side.
Let's call it a GS-4,5.

Beginning this year, all servos have been upgraded to "metal gears" for extra reliability.

The GS-4 in combination with the NLMv3 is a golden combination, but I always use my 4-point belt. If you are firmly secured in the seat, the effect of the G-panels, motion and simvibe can be felt much better

Next Level Motion V3

Motion on a non-permanent rig seems impossible. In 2015 I briefly had a SimXperience motion kit. This was broken due to incorrect mounting angles because the footprint had to remain small.

I had given up my dream of motionrig until the NLMv3 came out.

This compact unit fits right under the seat and is super quiet. It may not be at the level of SimXperience motion simulators, but you can use this unit at night without everyone waking up. From my own experience I know that this is not the case with SimXperience seatmovers.

Below a video of the NLMv3 and the moving panels of the GS-4 in combination with SimWind.

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Dec 7, 2009

I only race in VR. It gets pretty hot with VR glasses on your head. The ideal solution is a Wind Simulator. Speed-dependent fans controlled by sim tools. At maximum speed the Seaflows Bilge Blowers are quite powerful and also make a lot of noise.

Speed-based sim wind gives a huge sense of speed, acceleration and really creates an extra dimension in VR. I usually put the fans on 80-85% during the day and 60% during the night.

A lap F1 with the fans at 100% speed remains great. I usually use about 50% for tin tops
Because the seat moves I get automatically in the corners on one side more wind as the other side so the curve effect is amplified.

The fan's can be switched on and off via the toggle switches on the dashboard

WindSim in Assetto Corsa

Center console / Dashboard / HE-shifter

I have made both the dashboard and the center console myself and even in VR, every button is easy to find because of the curved shape. On the left a mobile cabinet with a pair of amplifiers for simvibe and at the same time a nice place for the mouse.

HE-shifter en Fanatec handbrake right next to the wheel and underneath a compact center console
Left below the steering wheel 1 of 2 brackets with which the steeringwheel section is firmly clamped on the desk.

I am currently experimenting with special support that my new 40 "4k monitor places directly on top of my AccuForce, for that single racing game that still does not have VR support.

Sound insulation

To race at night with buttkickers, motion and wind simulator, I made 2 panels that are insulated at the back. These panels are placed in front of the door and these keep all the noises in the nightly hours.

At first they were simply "brown" from MDF. I sprayed them white and made a number of trackmaps on them. During the day the panels are in the cupboard, together with the rim collection and the AccuForce. On this photo you can also see how little space there is directly behind my rig.

The above movies and a lot of other uploads can also be found at my youtube channel:
YouTube: HoiHman?
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Dec 7, 2009
Custom steering wheels

Modding existing rims has alsways been something i like to do.

It started with this "BMW mod" of the Fanatec Porsche steeringwheel

After that there was the next exciting step: Using a hacksaw to cut-off the top of the Fanatec Flat rim.
The result was the "Sparco rim" which i lateron transformed into the "BMW Formula Rim"

Below my current collection of all my steeringswheels which i have build myself .
Beside the modded Fanatec Formula, i have designed and build every one of them. Eventhough it was never intended, by now i have already sold quite a few rims and DIY packets.

I have upgraded to a really good 3D printer and have bought a CNC machine. I'm getting pretty experienced, but i'm still learning with each new design. Every time i try to take it just one step further. For example: last couple of rims have a complete new shifter design

Developing and making steeringwheels and replica rims has grown into quite a hobby, besides the simracing.

BMW Formula Rim

- 275 mm diameter
- Open D-shaped
- Fanatec shifters (with magnetic shifter add-on)
- Carbonfiber top plates
- 9 buttons in BMW colours

280mm Round Rim

-Nice thick handgrips
-Fanatec shifters (with magnetic shifter add-on)
-Fanatec funky switch
-10 buttons

Fanatec BMW Formula

- Converted to USB
- Fanatec shifters (with magnetic shifter add-on)
- Buttons in BMW colours[/b][/u]

-300 mm
-14 buttons in BMW colours
-2 buttonguards
-Magnetic shifters
-Carbon front plate

AccuForce Rim Buttonbox Large

- 320 mm
- 14 buttons
- extra large buttonbox
- magnetic shifters

Mclaren 650S GT-3 Replica

- 295mm
- 9 buttons
- 2 toggle switches
- 4 rotary encoders (with pushbuttons)
- Magnetic shifters

A very very complex build and just when it was finished...... came Fanatec :( ( (At least this version is gauranteed DD proof Not saying theirs isn't ;) )
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Dec 7, 2009
BMW DTM M4 Replica (V2)

-315mm with "formula characterics "
-Super light
-CNC cut frame
-Nice thick custom made handgrips
-9 buttons
-1 button guard
-1 rotary encoder
-Magnetic shifters
Presentation video:
DTM M4 V1 version: https://s19.postimg.cc/h19hbs8mr/image.jpg

Formula VR

"Exploding" presentation video

- Specially developed for racing in VR
- 290mm
- 10 push buttons
- 3 rotary encoders (with push buttons)
- 2 thumb rotary's
- Magnetic shifters
- Custom "ergonamic" handgrips
- Dual clutch (met bite point adjustment)
- 2 toggle switches
- Carbon fiber print
- CNC cut frame
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Dec 7, 2009
Formula d'italia

-Large thick handgrips
-3 rotary's with push buttons
-7 push buttons
-2 button guards
-2 Thumb rotary's
-Magnetic shifters
-Dual clutch
-Italian colour scheme
-Hybride design based on the Audi R8 LMP 900 steering wheel en Formule X in pcars2

Mercedes AMG GT3 replica

-CNC cut frame
-New magnetic shifter design (+ / - Paddles)
-9 push buttons
-1 button guard
-Custom ergonomic handgrips
-4 way hatswitch (left from the start button)
-Light and strong
-Rear enclosure sanded and spraypainted
"Performance improvement mod" YouTube:
Mercedes AMG GT3 rim improvement mod :)
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Dec 7, 2009
Porsche 911 GTR-3 replica (momo Mod30)

-voor de Momo mod30 (replica0
-custom front wheelplate
-10 push buttons
-2 rotary encoders with pushbuttons
-new magnetic shifters
-carbon fiber print

BMW DTM M4 replica (V3)

-315mm with "formula characteristics"
-Super light
-CNC cut frame
-Custom gemaakte handgrepen met geïntegreerde knoppen
-10 buttons
-New design magnetic shifters

Nieuw shifter design

The last 3 designs have the new Magnetics shifter, which feels even better than the previous version.

The latest addition of my collection is the:

Momo Drifting Deep Dish

-Deep dish
-No buttonbox / no shifters
-Just a QR so i have to mandatory use the HE shifter :)

Perhaps you might have noticed that i have a preference for BMW. Another pic of the entire BMW rim collection

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Card-carrying mod whore
Jul 13, 2014
What the... I don't even... if that was... and how did... but when were... and then the... but surely...

Mind. Blown.
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Mr Latte

Jun 2, 2016
Some can throw a pile of money into a sim-rig, often buying high-grade components, the best hardware and have everything cool thats going coupled together.

What is different and I love about this rig, the rims and build in general is the sheer........
Brillance, Mettle, Workmanship of the individual behind it.

All can be summed in one word...

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Jun 11, 2018
WOW....what an awesome setup. Thanks for showing this and detailing the various components you are using!

Great job!!


Mar 5, 2012
Yes. I have followed since gtplanet days) 5-6 years ago... great work and passion. Today SimXprience announced the new GS5 seat.
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Oct 5, 2009
Yes. I have followed since gtplanet days) 5-6 years ago... great work and passion. Today SimXprience announced the new GS5 seat.
One of which I expect we'll see among these photos soon(?):D

Excellent stuff there HoiHman. I'm very impressed with your setup and your passion for Sim-racing is epic. The fact that you make it convertible is amazing, I wish I could do that quickly when my wife enters my office.;)
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Dec 7, 2009
Thanks guys for all your nice comments, it's really appriciated:)

@RaceNut I would love to have a GS5 to show as the next big update, however to fund that project you guys need to buy a few rims from me first:D

.... and i need a serious customer for my GS4
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Oct 5, 2009
Thanks guys for all your nice comments, it's really appriciated:)

@RaceNut I would love to have a GS5 to show as the next big update, however to fund that project you guys need to buy a few rims from me first:D

.... and i need a serious customer for my GS4
I didn't expect to be sitting on the rig I have now so the possibilities are sometimes more than we allow ourselves to believe. The GS-5 appears to have great potential but, the cost may prove to be too much for me. Either way, it's good to see the progress they are making on it.

Keep up the nice work on the rim's. :thumbsup:


Dec 7, 2009
I know what you mean. My rig evolved far beyond my initial dreams.

I still remember the good old days on GTplanet and discussing with Rodney, thinking back then that my rig had reached it's limits because it's not permanent. Boy was I wrong :D

The GS5 looks great, but my GS4 was almost 2300 shipped before EU import taxes. I'm expecting the GS5 to cost more......

The GS4 is worth every penny though

If there comes a trade war between the US and EU the import taxes could be raised and place the GS5 beyond my reach.

Back to the rims showcase:

Here's another pics of the Formula VR that a friend build with a DIY packet and a great looking colour scheme