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HistorX Choose the combo's

Choose the combo's

  • Porsche 904 (2.0 Boxer 6) '64 (Proto A1) @ Hockenheim '79

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Yves Larose

May 28, 2008
Choose the combo's.jpg

Please do not vote if you are not racing in the club

It's time for you guy's to pick the combo's that we will race on the week starting May 18th, i have put up 9 combo's for you to choose from one for each class (one car per class) so pick your favorite combo's. The voting will end on Sunday May 10th at 23.59 GMT, the 3 combo's that will have received the most votes will be the combo's that we will run on that week. above you can find a download link for each tracks in case you want to try the combo's.

Warwick Farm
Long Beach

Sears Point (Nascar layout)
Pukekohe 2013
Piddy SH

Hockenheim '79 and Monza '75
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