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Historic Porsche Cup: Round 5 Leipzig (Live Stream)

Yves Larose

May 28, 2008
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This week-end the Historic Porsche Cup is at Leipzig Porsche Test Track, the headquarters of Porsche. Leipzig will host fifth round of the championship, the last sprint races of the season.

The previous round at Hockenheimring saw the competition get closer up and down the field, forcing some of the drivers to up their game in order to get a good result, again the event outcome and championship standing was affected by uncontrollable circumstances. Guilherme Silva, who was second in the championship coming to Hockenheimring, was forced to retire even before the first qualification started due to technical difficulties. Silvino Rodrigues was unable to take part of the first race due to real life responsibilities, leaving an open spot on the starting grid for race one.

Once again Ross McGregor dominated both qualifications sessions securing the pole for both race starts, followed by Jernej Simoncic in second place and Silvino Rodrigues to round out the top three. The start of race one was very exciting from the get go and Jernej Simoncic took the lead with a very good pass at turn 2 on the inside of Ross McGregor. At the end of the long straight at the braking for the hairpin Ross was a little bit too optimistic and he contacted Jernej, sending him wide allowing Jarek Kostowski to take the lead of the race, the incident was more costly to Ross as Jernej was able to maintain second place and Ross fell down to fourth place behind Yves Larose in third. As expected it didn't take too long for Ross to catch third place, in the mean time Jernej did the same with Jarek and took the lead of the race on lap 3. On lap 6 Ross caught up with Jarek and passed him, and started to chase Jernej for the lead of the race and on lap 11 Ross made his move and took the lead. Ross took the top step of the podium at the finish followed by Jernej Simoncic in second and Jarek Kostowski in third.

Race two was once again in favor of Jernej Simoncic who took the lead of the race, closely followed by Ross McGregor, Silvino Rodrigues and Jarek Kostowski. On lap three Ross passed Jernej for the lead and at the same time Silvino over did it at the hairpin running very deep, allowing Jarek and Yves Larose to pass him. For a few laps Ross and Jernej battled hard for the lead swapping places a few times up until lap six when Ross passed Jernej for the final time. Further down the field a battle for the fourth place was going on between Yves Larose and Silvino Rodrigues, where they exchanged positions a few times. Silvino got the best over Yves at the finish line grabbing fourth place. At the finish Ross McGregor took another win followed by Jernej Simoncic and Jarek Kostowski to complete the podium.

After four rounds the championship standings are, Ross McGregor with a 183 point lead over Jarek Kostowski in second place and third place goes to Jernej Simoncic with a 147 point gap to Jarek. Nothing is decided yet as there is still plenty of racing to be done, and you never know what can happen. One thing is certain; the remainder of the championship will be very exciting.

Leipzig Porsche Test Track
The circuit is the shortest of the championship at 3.707km. The track is twisty and slippery with only a few easy overtaking opportunities, the drivers will need to have a good car control as many of the braking zones are while turning so its going to be easy to spin. The two best overtaking opportunities will be at the turn six and seven hairpins, so expect lots of actions there - while turn one, two and three might see some exciting side by side actions but also drama.

The turn eight and nine chicane is very tricky and might be the biggest challenge of the track. A mistake there can be very costly as if you go straight into the grass at the turn 8 a big bump awaits you, and will send you flying into the air and even flip the car around. The lap is completed by a twisty and technical section making it hard to hit the apex of the turns and get a good exit for the start and finish straight. Once again the track should allow for exciting racing for our viewers and provide some good actions all around the field.

For more background information, schedules, race reports and race results please visit the Historic Porsche Cup forum.

Live Stream & Watch and Win!
Don't miss the live broadcast of the races as we are giving away one premium membership to a lucky participant in the chat-box. Tune in today (Sunday March 1) at 20.00 GMT and watch the fifth round of the Historic Porsche Cup live at RaceDepartment.

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May 8, 2012
i saw what is required to download this mod, GT Legends which i don't have so, i won't attempt ;)
It's not a small mod you can quickly download before the race, it's pretty much a new game that is best installed as standalone and takes multiple .plr & .ini changes to get the ffb & physics as intended by the makers.
You still have time to practice & join the Bathurst enduro next week ;).


Staff member
Jun 1, 2013
Thank you Yuri, Thomas and Roy for this event. It was FUN as always. :thumbsup:
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