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Misc High up (not quite Helicopter height....) Camera for Ferrari cars v1.0a

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darren lenardo submitted a new resource:

High up (not quite Helicopter height....) Camera for Ferrari cars - F1 2021, play as a Ferrari driver, and one of the cameras is way up high...

I created one of these a few years ago for F1 2019, posted it on here (might be an earlier year), and so did this for F1 2020 and now F1 2021.

Firstly backup the ferrari.erp from your F1 2021 folder:-


Then overwrite it with the ferrari.erp I've modded in here.

For those wanting to know the parameters in the ferrari.erp files "ferrari.vtf" XML file (and for those wanting to add the camera for the other cars, which takes...

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Do you know which strings to change for splitscreen FOV? Or do those strings apply for splitscreen too, because when using 2 monitors for splitscreen, the FOV is very close and cant be changed in settings. Thanks