Hi All

Just came across your site from an RBR related google search. Lots of great resources here!

Just thought I would introduce myself and see if I can participate in some of your rallies. I am a member of the Press on Rallysport! stable, a North American based stable. We are hosted by CMS Racing, and while our forums are private you can see our RBR stable reports on the main page, here is our latest one: http://cmsracing.com/champion/forums/showthread.php?t=14040

I was also the coach for the North American team for the Nations Cup, really fun but we were out gunned big time :)

Looking forward to participating in the next event, looks like I missed one by a few days. Its a shame, I have run the Celica before and its a lot of fun. I take it you use the public sessions feature of RSRBR2010 for your events?

Warren Dawes

Hi Smokee, and welcome to Racedepartment.
We'd love to have you join our Rally Club Events, we currently support USA timezone Rally's but have struggled to get American drivers. Please feel free to join our next event, Group N Team Challenge (there is a promo movie in the RBR Movies forum).

To join our Rally's, you just need to become a registered Racing Club member, details here:

Yes, all of our Rally's are done using RSRBR2010 and their Public Sessions Server. We set them up using our own Password though.

If you have any further questions, just ask.
If I get registered in time I am in! If not I am in for next time for sure.

Will pass it along to my other teammates, I am sure a few would be interested.
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