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  1. Jose Reina

    Jose Reina

    Hello everyone.
    I'm from Spain, and I think I've never run into this community, I do not remember very well, because if I run into many others and for many years.
    The fact is that I like to participate in the FSR, but honestly, my English is terrible and the online translators do not help much hehehe.
    What I do understand is that apparently you have to pay to run, or something, and there are I think 3 category right?
    Well, if anyone is interested in becoming some kind of test or something similar, I'm available.
    I've been running a lot and rFactor2 Rfactor1, my nick is usually "down", but now I use my name, Jose Reina.
    For if any sound familiar.
    Greetings to all and any kind of help would be appreciated to understand how this community.

    By the way, a question ... there is a possibility that at some server to roll your own? to go to practice and others?

    A greeting!
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    A greeting to you also :D
    You can find the FSR server in the server list in rfactor2 where you can "roll with others".
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