Hey Bob...haven't gotten my hardware license yet.

Brendon, this is Michael J. Kitchens. Haven't received my hardware license yet. I tried emailing you a few weeks back. Thanks!


Oh. , This is getting worried. Brendons Last Activity here is 8th March 2010.. but I think licenses are automatically generated,, But still. I am horrified what the future will bring .. All btb:s stop working..??

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yes, this worries me too. The biggest downfall of this type of licence is when there is no one to activate it, you cannot renew it.


Well, I have got my new license within 12 hours, 3 days ago. Maybe try again to get your license from the BTB website?
Brendon, this is Michael J. Kitchens. Haven't received my hardware license yet. I tried emailing you a few weeks back. Thanks!
Maybe your email has taken it out with a spam filter?
If you log in on the BTB website and go to Licenses you'll be able to see if the license has been issued, and if it has you can download a copy from there.


I understand your displeasure, but please read the whole story - what Brendon did for BTB and or us and probably what was the cost of it for him. Read his last messages - many important things are there. Then, I think you should not use your anger to force things. You can not really say, what he is doing now. Please calm down.


license locked, even when the hid was sent.and new license recieved.

reason: i been updating my system, mobo gfx...i'm back up now.so the license won't unlock the program anymore.

take this program has not viable anymore?

:it alright for you to say that, yours is still working, i paid for it,and i can't use it,i been waiting 4 days, for a reponse.it about time piddy got this licenses sorted out.you don't get this 3 months rubbish on 3dsimed.
EDIT: WOOT! Got it! I checked my licenses section again after trying one more time, and it was there. Unfortunately, it expires in October, so I'm scared outta my mind that I'll be in this situation again.

Also, Bob has helped me out a few times, and I've had some direct correspondence with him. He's a great guy, and what he's done is brilliant. I hold no ill will towards hime. I just really think this type of license is really, really a bad way to go, because since his absense, we're all at a loss to rectify situations like this. :(

I'm so happy it's running though! Yes!
This does pose a good question...what WILL happen when licences run out? Mine is good up till September (from memory) but with Brendan now not taking too much interest in BTB will it cease to exsist after that date.......(I also currently have another issue with being out of work - meaning that I may not be able to run the risk of re-newing my licence - this uncertainty just makes the issue a bit more complex) :-/

Don't get me wrong Brendan is a hero as far as track editing goes for the gaming community in the supported games - I for one would not have even looked into it had it not been for BTB! Sadly my editing is a drawn out saga - and with the future of BTB in limbo I fear my current project may not see the light of day......

I well and truely understand Bredans position - these "little" projects can take over your life (without you even really noticing it) and as most know your personal life should come first, and "play" after that, I feel Brendan deserves a break -but maybe a small update on how he's going/the future of BTB would be a settling thing for the entire community.....

This does pose a good question...what WILL happen when licences run out?
When your license runs out you just generate another HardwareID.txt file and upload it to the BTB website and receive your license within a few hours.

I think it's an automatic system. I've never had any problems with it.
Call me dumb (yep i know I am!) but does the re-newing of licences cost again???? Or is the licencing simply an "update" of your running system for security reasons?

No, it doesn't cost you anything. More part two of what you said I guess, an update.

It ensures that the copy of the license you can download from the BTB website only works on your machine.


I repeat, I just took a licence for a month (expires in the end of May) - had no problem at all, I got the unblocking file within couple hours, no additional costs etc. I'm waiting for the new machine to be present on market :) So, I believe I won't have problem again - no doubt.
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