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  1. Elaphe


    They look great, less lego than their previous models. I like the fact that the inclination can be adjusted. I also like the idea of selling just two pedals (any idea of the price?), since most of the users are no longer interested in the clutch. Some years ago I asked them if they could sell me a set of 2 pedals and the answer was negative. They also should offer different pads to choose, for instance with a wider brake pad, and also not so flat.
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  2. Mr Latte

    Mr Latte

    Oh yes, great timing, very nice....
    I agree and 2 pedals is all I am after.

    These will be ideal for my own d.i.y build. that I am doing.
    The Pros seemed ideal, being a good design and quality, still not cheap but not overkill for a casual based sim racer/gamer who wants to experience and appreciates excellent hardware.

    Look forward to learning/seeing more about these.
    One thing I seen mentioned in the PDF caught my eye.

    I have had particular concerns with the amount of tactile power and number of units I will operate within my own specialist d.i.y build.

    My problem, not your normal installation...

    Will the tactile vibrations of below 5hz and upwards from what I have ready to use, by applying (dual operating units) for each of the L / C / R channels. Thus making it 6x of the best hi-end tactile units available, to be installed for the front cockpit and pedal base region.

    Hulk Energy :)
    These will match the 6x also used for the seat section amounting to what is £4000 of ButtKicker & Clark Synthesis tactile units alone, (may I add these were collected over several years). that are to be implemented into a specially custom built and stylish steel/chrome rig to accommodate them.

    With this in mind, as my own cockpit builds goals is to be one that will push audio & tactile immersion to the very extremes like no other seen before. Its just part of my own longterm, experimentation and interest/project as a hobbyist.

    So I certainly would love an opportunity to apply or try to test these new pedals in such application/installation I am doing in the future. I wonder if Heusinkveld will be offering units for community beta testing or reviews?

    Certainly going to keep my eyes peeled on these, however loving the styling too....
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  3. Andrew_WOT


    You see that significant difference?
  4. Paul Glover

    Paul Glover
    Very Important Paul Staff Premium

    Make sure you check out our twitter for a video of @Paul Jeffrey using the new pedals :thumbsup:
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