Heusinkveld Pro Pedals throttle deadzone problem


All the gear, no idea...
Ive just been setting up my new pedals and i seem to have a huge deadzone on the throttle in SCE, seems ok in other titles so im guessing its a setting in SCE or in the controller.ini?

Ive checked the controler settings in game and cant see why it should be acting this way also no settings were altered since my t500 pedals were used except rebinding the new pedals.


I had this ages ago in SCE, unfortunately the only way to sort it is to start a completely new configuration from scratch, rather than just rebinding your new pedals to your old config.

A weird one for sure. Hope the new pedals are nice.
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All the gear, no idea...
Thanks for the heads up Paul, couldnt see what was causing the issue, ill give that a try...pedals seem pretty cool...but...dunno what size feet these were designed for as im a size 11 and even with the pedal plates at their lowest setting i still feel like im driving more with my toes, I read a review that mentioned they also needed to cobble together some kind of heel rest to raise their feet up the pedals, seems odd for such a well designed set of pedals, makes me wonder if ive got them mounted wrong??
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