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Heusinkveld Pedals on a cheaper rig.

Hi everyone,

Ok, I've had enough of my Clubsport V2 pedals. lol

They are lovely pieces of kit but I just keep having issues with them. It's like owning a classic car, lovely to look at, lovely to drive but needs constant attention and servicing. haha.

I'm looking at getting a set of Heusinkveld Sprint or maybe a two pedal HPP set (get the clutch later on).

However I have a question for those that have these pedals already.

Due to space I can only use a Playseat Challenge. It's not perfect but sometimes I need to remove the "rig" and put it elsewhere so this was the best option at the time.

I made up a heavy MDF base for the Fanatec pedals and bolted them to the playseat frame so they are nice and solid (as much as I can anyway), however having used a proper rig at a show I can understand the difference in use between two, admittedly you can be more aggressive with the full on "heavy" rig.

Has anyone used these pedals on a Playseat Challenge? I have seen some really crazy videos of people using them on carpet, etc. so obviously my situation is far better than that :)

Just after some experiences from other users.

Thanks in advance.
Hey Andrew!

We can't recommend mounting the pedals the way you mention. It'll be fine but you won't get the most out of them.

Hey Enzo, thanks for the reply and the feedback :)

I've never tried the Heusinkveld pedals, I've been fortunate to try the HPP's at the Autosport show some years ago, but again it was on a solid rig so not a good comparison for my setup. There was a rig with the Ultimates on but it was BTCC stand I think and the queue was huge! haha.

I totally understand that they need to be on a very solid mounting. The Ultimate's require a hug amount of force on the brake pedal (for example).

At the moment I'm just cleaning the Fanatec sensors before every race I do and that seems to work, it's a bit of a pain but it'll do for the time being.

Admittedly though I do notice that under braking others can sometimes brake later (and presumably harder) than me and that comes back to what you mention above. It's all about the mounting being solid enough.

For what it is the Playseat Challenge is a good option but I'm afraid with my situation I don't have any real space for a proper rig, maybe in the future I can find somewhere to keep one.

Thanks again :thumbsup:
Got everything setup, Heusinkveld Ultimates installed into Playseat with no drama, don't need the baseplate they go straight on. There was a fair bit of flex on the stock Playseat baseplate setup when I compressed the brake hard but the pedals are ****ing amazing. I've now reinforced the setup and eliminated most of the flex.

I'm using about 40% of the load cells resolution in DiView. Don't be fooled that's still a LOT of pressure. You are gonna need a seriously rigid rig to get them anywhere near max resolution.

Can't wait to get an 80/20 when I move later in the year so I can really stand on the brake and squeeze more resolution out of it. For now the Playseat is doing a great job.

Took six tenths off my best time round Silverstone in the Merc AMG GT3 earlier. Stoked.
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