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Sell (Heusinkveld, Cube Controls, Simucube, Fanatec) - Lots of Racing Sim items for Sale

Lots of Racing Sim items (Heusinkveld, Cube Controls, Simucube, Fanatec)

Simucube OSW Direct Drive Wheel Small MiGe + QSP Rim + Frame/Rig with Triple Monitor Mount (£1100) - Reluctant to sell these, as it feels smoother than a dd1 and performs great. Love the rim, magnetic shifters, buttons, d1 spec quick release. Suede has some fading but nothing bad. I am only keeping the custom Triton bucket seat and pedal plate.

Heusinkveld Ultimates 3-Pedal Set (£1000) - The brake is a bit too stiff for my driving style and also cant justify owning pedals that are worth more than my current car :( so looking to sell or downgrade to sprints potentially or something similar so let me know what you have, happy to do a swap with some cash. Also in the market for a car around £3k/£4k if by some chance you're selling one.

Cube Controls Formula Sport Rim (£525) - Excellent condition, just a few hours of use, looks new and comes with the original box etc

Fanatec CSL Elite + P1 Rim (£450) - PS4 and PC Version, less than 8 hours of use, pretty much brand new and comes with all original bits, including table clamp, no signs of use really.

Fanatec V3 Pedals (2x Available). The first set has had less than 8 hours of use, and in pristine condition (£330, the pedals pictured on the fluffy rug). The second is a used set but still in really decent condition, some signs of use but still looks clean, comes with box as well as part of the brake performance kit. An incomplete kit was sent and is missing some components including the PU foam and some of the rubbers. However you can still get a few hard settings using just the rubbers provided. The main marks worth mentioning is the allen slots on the front plate have worn off, these are commonly known to be pretty fragile and are often replaced by stronger quality ones (£340, the pedals pictured on the omega rig).

All smaller items can be sent via next day delivery for around £15 (dependant on insurance amount). For the big rig its collection only, it miraculously fit in my older ford focus. Based in Bristol but often travelling to Newbury so collection available from either locations. Could potentially drop it off if nearby. Hope I havent priced these harshly, will accept offers in the next few days if my pricing is off. Thanks for looking.


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Would you split the osw? I’m just after the motor setup. So no wheel. No rig. No monitor stand.