First of all, i'm new here, i don't know where to put this.
Second, what a great forum here you have. I've been making a "tour" here and it's really great.
Third, sorry about my english. I'm not english.

Well, as you can see in the images, i am with a little problem, the series and the emblems from the cars from Race On doesn't appear.
I were trying to put some personal skins, and i made s#$%! :wink:

How can i solve this?



Ross Garland

I had a similar issue after installing Race On on top of an existing GTR Evo install. (Evo icons disappeared.) I made a copy of the Addons\GTR Evolution\UiData\Menu\Textures_Mamba folder and renamed it to Textures. It worked, so maybe check your Race On textures folder.
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