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Help with VR settings

I am new to the whole VR world and dove right in with the VP2. I mainly got one for sim racing and when playing both ACC and Automobilista 2, I am locked at 60-61 fps via fpsVR, no matter what I do. I can lower all graphic settings in the games to the lowest and it won't make a difference. I've tried all the display settings in the Vive console from performance, ultra and extreme still won't budge. I was gifted Half Life Alyx by purchasing the base stations and I can get 120fps in that game.

Messed with the SS settings as well in the steamVR and per application I was running, still can't get above 60 fps.

Also went into NVIDIA CP and changed some things around with no success. So now I am at a loss.

Would appreciate anyone's insight as to why this is happening and what I could do to fix this.

Specs: 3080, i7-9700k


Search for posts by Andrew_WOT on the ACC forum (there's one specifically for 3080 cards and VR). He has a downloadable file of settings for AC and ACC. I run a similar setup as you and they look great.