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Help with under steer Jaguar M3


I am just barely beginning to getting into more advanced car setup. I mostly use presets, and have been moving to the "aggressive" preset and trying to drive more smoothly through corners.

Was having issues with the 911 and Audi sliding out on fast corners, such as the last fast left hander in Spa. Added more wing and lowered ride height and it helped a bunch. Unsure if it slowed me down on the straights.

My approach lately has been to choose a track, and run through the various cars to try and get a feel for them. Currently driving Donnington Park.

Got to the Jag, and it is understeering badly compared to other cars, very noticeable on the last two 180 deg. turns to the finish.

What little info I have been able to find, adjusting antiroll bars may help with understeer.

Any tips on where I should start?