GT6 Help with next weeks Club Event?

Unfortunately there will be a one week break from club events. If someone can't take over the hosting for the event.

I have an operation I have known about coming up for a while. It has been confirmed to me today that it will be on Tuesday evening NZ time. Races are Wednesday morning here.

So next weeks race is off unless someone can step in and run it for me.

Track and car(s) will be up to them.

Sorry guys.
Just copy and paste the first post off the evo thread and make a new one. Just make sure people know to add you on the psn as you should set the server to friends only to stop random people from joining. If you get stuck for ideas I have quite a few car/track combos to try. One fun one that I was playing with this morning after you and Rui left was quite a hoot.
Thanks heaps for this mate. Its only for the one week... I hope. I appreciate it heaps.

Remember week after next is the F430 at Monza. Ive already got every detail sorted out for that bloodbath :p
@Richard Coleman
just saw this and i had to show it to you :roflmao: