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Help with my Village/Town Track?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by danwilkie90, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. danwilkie90


    I've been working on a track based around my countryside town of Stotfold, but after putting in an arseload of houses/vegetation/kerbs and such I've found that my BTB won't export to rFactor/RBR or anything anymore, so I was wondering if anyone could do me a massive favour and export my track from their BTB and provide me with the folder I can simply place in my rFactor "Locations" folder so I can try out what I have of my track so far? I can provide the project folder with all the Xpacks I've made in a .zip file perhaps and hopefully it would all show up.

    The track itself won't be finished for a long time because the program's slowed down so much now I've put so many objects down and made so many Xpacks for small things while I was still learning the program that just adding a single hedge takes about 10 seconds everytime, but I'd like to test it out at least, help?

    - Dan
  2. Lee Knight

    Lee Knight

    Was there a message of any sort showing up when the Export failed?
    I'll give it a go for you if you like sometime today Dan, although I am at the end of my download limit so it'll take sometime for me to download.
    If you PM me a link I'll see what I can do.