Help with importing a logo

Discussion in 'Motorsport Manager' started by Carl Robinson, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. Carl Robinson

    Carl Robinson

    As the title suggests. I need some help importing custom sponsor logos into the game via unity.
    So far my process is.

    - Load the mod template into unity
    - Creat a folder for the two logos (sponsor preview and the on car logo)
    - Import the logos in the correct png format and as the guide specifies for the GUI and ETC
    -Select both and create a new asset bundle "sponsorlogos)
    - Both images are in the required sizes
    -Right click on the folder and hit build assetts
    - Open up the project file in unity and copy and paste the mod file to modding/images
    -Open the sposor database and add the sponsor with the corresponding number
    load up MM
    Both objects show in my workshop but I cant get the game to load.
    any ideas?

    also as far as the database goes, how would I set a sponsor thats basically available from the time I start my game and make them stay with me for a number for seasons?