Help with finding a 4x20 LCD screen thats compatable with LCDstudio or LCDHype

Brian Clancy

Hi Guys

Can anyone help me find a 4x20 or similar LCD diplay for my steering wheel project. I have sorted out Plugins using X-Sim that will extract the telemitry from rFactor/Simbin games and display them Via LCDHype OR LCDSudio BUT can I find a screen that is compatable with them.........err nope (well not a plug n play one anyways)

Been on this a few weeks now and not winning, really need some help here....

Few pics of current prototype (non LCD and planned LCD wheel) below

resize.jpg Non LCD

logitechg25wheelMOD.jpgPlanned LCD version

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Brian Clancy

Thanks Can, But the screen needs to be compatable with either LCDHype and/OR LCDStudio, this one may or may not be (nothing mentioned about it) and as I have 2 screens like this that are not compatable already :frown: I need to be sure!
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