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PC2 Help with dedicated server ?

Quite new to this and looked around a lot. Can anyone point me to or please tell me how to set up my own ded server ?
I don't seem to have a dos cmd in any pcars2 folder, unlike i have in pcars1.
Where do i put the confoig files etc ? I found a script somewhere, but need more directions.
Just want to host to have clean races and kick trolls and rammers. Thanks.
Not so easy to setup, but some pointers to get you started.

You need the Project Cars 2 Dedicated Server through Steam: look under Steam Library / Tools view. Then in your Steam library you will find the server and some pdf guides and sample configs. With this alone I doubt anyone can get a server working first time, you will probably need help from the SMS forums.
And you'll need some port forwarding setup on your network router.

Haven't found one but would be nice if someone has written a good setup guide with a couple of common "recipies" for example a server running a fixed track/car combo (static config via server web interface) or a server running a track/car rotation (dynamic config via lua).
I managed to get help, but i am not 100% sure if my server is actually seen publicly, even after port forwarding, setting router to have a static ip etc.
May be lack of players. Honestly, if sms do a half baked job like this for PCars 3 , certainly won't be buying it :rolleyes:
Was a good chance, sick of all these so called sims that keep milking people dry for micro transactions etc :cautious:
One detail that caught me setting up a server was I had the in-game browser filter set to show only servers with competitive license on. The sample server.cfg doesn't include that so you need to add this:

sessionAttributes : {
// 0(U) 1(F) 2(E) 3(D) 4(C) 5(B) 6(A) 7(S)
"MinimumOnlineRep" : 0,
// 100-5000
"MinimumOnlineStrength" : 100
Thanks. adding your above lines borks the complete server, unless i have to add it somewhere specifically ?
I already have the last line above in my cfg file and changed it to "MinimumOnlineStrength" : 100

Given up, server works and i can join and race, but no one else seems to and there are players out there. Maybe i smell ? lol Going to just rent a server, much less hassle.


Renting one is so cheap anyway - and you're not stealing from your own gaming bandwidth...

I did find setting up a rented server a little tricky - other than the initial static config, it would have been nice to script various tracks and car classes - perhaps by voting in game ? I'm sure I visited a server once that had this all enabled, and there are some config docs, but I struggled...