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Help with converting EVO and rFactor tracks to GTR2

Discussion in 'GTR 2' started by IAHawk, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. IAHawk


    I have been trying to convert a few track to GTR2 but keep running into a few problems. I have download a couple guides but they seem to be out of date. I am using the latest version of 3DSimEd, and tried to follow the guide but here is the problem. The guide say use the 'File" menu and click on Export Textures, well I cannot find the "Export Textures" under the File menu. So how do I do this. (For converting and rFactor Track). Also having problems with the sky and skybox conversion for rFactor to GTR2 would like help doing this too please.

    As for converting an EVO track to GTR2 I thought it was was pretty straight forward but still cannot get my conversions to work.
    Here is what I am doing to convert an EVO track to GTR2.

    Open the mas file, Move the DDS files to a folder, move the gmt files to a folder, convert any bmp,jpg or non DDS files to DDS.

    Pack gmt files to "tracknamemaps.gtr". Pack gmt files to '"trackname.gtr".

    Edit the gdb file to match a GTR2 track gdb

    Edit the trk file to GTR2 Standards

    Make a new folder copy and paste the new .gtr files to it as well as the new trk, gdb, cam and aiw to the new track folder, put the new track in locations in GTR2 and run the game.
    I either get and CTD or the track loads and hangs up at the loading screen.

    So any help would be great and if I get them to work I will try and release them with original authors permission of course.

  2. Günthar Rowe

    Günthar Rowe

    Ok, with respect to Evo to GTR2, there isn't a track out there that is not already in GTR2 that is in Evo, so what track are you converting? To run a track in Evo, it MUST be in GTR2 first to create a .HAT file...

    Above you talk about opening a .mas file in your Evo -> GTR2, but a .mas file is from rFactor. So, I'll assume that you are working with a rF track and going to GTR2...

    Every time that you make a change, you need to delete the .HAT file that is created the first time a track is run in GTR2. SDo, you might be fixing the track, but it is loading the old .HAT file and boom! CTD/Locked system...

    Secondly, don't make the .gtr files till your track is running 100% bug free. create two folders in your tracks folder called TEX and OBJ and stick your textures in one and your 3D objects in the other folder. Edit the .trk file to look in these two new folders and // out the .GTR file call ups...

    Now, as you find (the many, many, many...) things to fix, you can just edit the .gmt and then drop it back in the OBJ folder, delete the .HAT and reload the track.

    If the track CTD's/Locks your system while loading, you have an issue with your files like missing a { or } in the .trk/.gdb etc or GTR2 can't find the textures or something similar...
  3. IAHawk


    Thanks Gunthar,
    Never thought about just using Tex and OBJ folders then running the track then converting to .gtr. Will give that a try.
    As for the Evo tracks I found a few on a web site that have not been converted to GTR2 if you do not mind I will send you the ones I would like to have for GTR2 and if they already exist in for GTR2 could you point to the web site that has them to download.
    I do not want to post them it might upset the maker of the track that I am trying to convert them.
    I am just doing this for personal use.

    Thanks for the advice.
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