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Discussion in 'GTR 2' started by Seirannl, May 11, 2014.

  1. Seirannl


    Hello race drivers..

    i have a question :
    i cant get it work the way i want

    i made a 2008 Le Mans europe serie with ending at petit le mans.

    i got 50 cars for le mans <my le mans track LM24HRE rev. holds 51 car slots.
    but other tracks got limit to lets say 36 cars.

    how can i make a championship

    thats starts lets say at 6 hours of spa.
    and can hold 36 cars.

    how can i make it that every time you play the championship
    the cars are the same not random selected.

    like first time you got all 4 of the peugots
    the second time you start the championship you got 3 peugots and a other car.

    what i want is team audi and team peugot drive the all champoinship with 2 cars and at le mans and petit le mans they drive with 4 <pescorolo had 1 peugot in 2009
  2. PaulH


    Have you tried the GTR2 Championship Manager application, not sure if you can do it on that, but it has many variables to try, just google it, not sure I can link another site here :)
  3. Troy Barman

    Troy Barman

    This is a time consuming process but to do this go to the .car file and find classes, next find the track .gbd and look for AI Vehicle Filter = (whatever it is) and copy that and add it to the classes line in the .car file. You can do this for every single car to have set grids for all races or (i think) you can just use that for the cars you really want and whatever you didnt set will be randomly selected.

    If the track's AI vehicle filter looks like this
    AI Vehicle Filter = *
    Just delete the * and put in your own like RAtlanta or whatever.