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Help with alpha blending transparency

(english is not my first language so expect some english errors)
i was trying to do a mod for AC (Private use only) when i noticed that when i use the Alpha blend mode , most of the textures i put on it become transparent, i already tried to put it in the alpha test mode but the NM's wouldn't work then. Also i had some shading problem with the textures that worked with Alpha blend


  • alpha blending.png
    alpha blending.png
    379.5 KB · Views: 22
  • alpha testing.png
    alpha testing.png
    412.3 KB · Views: 20
  • shading problem.png
    shading problem.png
    340.4 KB · Views: 22
  • what it looks like.png
    what it looks like.png
    215.6 KB · Views: 17
  • what it should look like.png
    what it should look like.png
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