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PC2 Help setting up triple-screens

I'm having issues setting up the triple screens in Project Cars 2 as it's triple-screen setup seems to be broken as well as vague in the descriptions of some of it's triple-screen settings.

1. First of all, the distance to monitor setting simply doesn't work. This is supposed to determine your 1:1 FOV yet it does literally nothing (are you serious, SMS, lol)...

2. The width and height measurement. Is that including or excluding the bezels, frame, etc.? The description is vague and can be interpreted either way.

3. The bezel width. It's written confusingly in the description whether this is the left/right bezel of just the particular monitor or whether it's the bezel for both monitors combined (eg. left monitor's left bezel at 0.7 cm, left monitor's right bezel at 1.4 cm because adding 0.7 cm from the center monitor). The description makes it sound like the value is supposed to be the bezel of the left monitor + the center monitor but then that doesn't seem to make sense because if you were entering the total bezel width in the left & right monitor's section then the game wouldn't need to ask for the bezel's width in the center monitor's section.

My monitors are Dell S2716DG. Left and right bezel of each individual monitor are 0.7 cm each. The width and height of just the actual viewable part of the screen where just the image/pixels are shown (therefore not including the bezel, frame, etc.) are 59.5 cm and 33.5 cm respectively.

So do I enter the following for each monitor?:
bezel: 0.7 & 0.7
width: 59.5
height: 33.5

I feel like some of those numbers may be wrong with regards to what values the game's truly asking for...
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