Help running BTB on windows7

OK, I have searched the internet and many forums trying to find out how to run BTB on Windows7. I have seen posts saying "works with no problems" but nobody has said what to do to get it working. I went down the W7 track after being told you can run older programs in XP mode on W7 professional. I just keep getting a long error message though. I figure I am doing SOMETHING wrong. I've just spent the last week setting up RSRBR2010 and RBR soit (finally) works on this thing, lol. Now for the next step.

I have started this new thread because the other threads I have read seam to either go no where or degenerate into a slanging match. If you want to vent your anger at Brendan, other posters or BTB pleaseleave this thread as I am looking for help, not petty arguments. RBR is a GREAT (read - the best EVER) game and thanks to Brendan it has been taken to the next level.

I hope someone can post some helpful information here for me and anybody else that has found themselves in the same boat.
Works without problems for me, but did you choose to start btb as admin? In which folder is it installed? at my machine it's in progamme(x86)<-german.. and Iread, that it's not the best fodler for programs in win7, but I have no problems, yet.
I still use btb v.0803, what is enough for me at the moment, maybe this is the thing, that newer versions don't work with win7. But I did not read any forums(threads) about compatibility with win7, since I never had problems.
Thank you guys for the replies,

I got it GOING, YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Um, yes, Direct X helps. lol. It seams this was the problem. But everything torergisch said helped as well. Admin, directx 9.0c and it works fine.
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