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Help request

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Nikola Ilivanov, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. Nikola Ilivanov

    Nikola Ilivanov

    Hi there,

    I recently joined this community and I gotta say I'm over the Moon from what I'm seeing. Hard, fast and extremely clean racing. I thought such thing didn't existed.
    Anyways, here's my problem in general. I haven't raced in quite awhile and before that I was mainly racing sim-games in single player, as the online world is full of rammers and just ... plain stupid people. So I was avoiding online racing. But what that did to my racing habits is awful. Here's the example :
    I just did my 1st ever rFactor Club Race - F1 1992 @ Interlagos and I thought I was preparing for it well. It turned out that I wasn't. Car setup was all biased towards top end speed (clocking over 335 km/h at the end of the straight) and not a lot of sense was put into actual racing. My braking points were about 50 meters before everyone else's and my mid-speed cornering was simply not there. So I had to brake earlier and ease off at places were others were flying thru. My reason for doing so, naturally lies within the "Vs. AI" mentality that I've had before this race. It's much easier to simply fly past others at the end of the long straight, then to try keep up with them in the mid-section. It's especially true coz I find it extremely easy to keep up with the AI in the slower sections of the track. So naturally - comes the greed for top end speed at the end of the straights.
    Of course, another thing is that I simply over-shoot myself by trying first in the F1 cars. I got very good knowledge of Interlagos, so I thought I'd do OK. Touch a kerb - loose the back end, get to enthusiastic on the throttle - loose the back end, try to shave off a bit of braking distance - skid wide off the track. These things are deadly. I should've went for something with less horsepower and perhaps even front-wheel driven (blasphemy !!!). Maybe.
    Anyways, I am aware that I'm way off the pace around here, but that's only making me more eager to improve. Not to be the best, but to be a part of the pack. So I'm asking if anyone around here has the free time, desire, will and patience to "take me under his wing" and help me shape into a better racer :rolleyes:

    Oh, I almost forgot - I use Logitech Formula Force EX, a crappy PC, good connection and tons of enthusiasm :tongue:
    My next rFactor Club Race is going to be WTM @ Hermanos Rodriguez 1988 without any track knowledge, unlike Interlagos, so ... join up to watch for "thy lulz" if you'd like :D
    Thanks !
  2. Ben Phillips

    Ben Phillips

    I can help you if you like! Im all for helping drivers improve!
    When you make setups for the future rember its all about comprimise!
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