[help request] rFactor2 GT3 telemetries for an university project

Hi all, i study AI & robotics and am working on an AI that *should* evaluate setups without even the need to actually test them on the track, based on what it learns from data about how setup changes influence telemetries.

To do that i need a LARGE dataset of telemetries from various setups on various tracks - preferably also various cars, but for now i'm restricting it to GT3-only with a focus on the McLaren 720s as the main "setup testbench" and other cars mainly serving to help "generalizing" the learned setup concepts - and preferably also from various drivers with different skills levels, and that's why i'm asking for a bit of help here!

If you happen to do hotlap sessions to test setups, set track records, prapare for a race or whatever, i'd be very glad if you could take just a few minutes to setup your game to collect telemetries from those laps, then send me them together with the setup file that will be generated (should find both under rfactor2/LOG ) at martino.cesaratto (at) gmail.com

How should you collect telemetries?

download the DAMPlugin from here https://forum.studio-397.com/index.php?threads/damplugin-for-rf2.49363/

No need to read the post, just install it and put the DAMPlugin.ini file i attached here in rfactor2/userdata/player (this is the telemetry setup i need for my project, please don't forget this step!!)

If possible i'd prefer to get only telemetries from sessions with few cars on the track so that slipstreaming, collisions and passes are not too common, but don't worry too much about that, i'll manually sort only the "good" laps.

Also, for competitive guys who may not want to share setups or telemetries, i may look at the telemetries just to discard laps with mistakes or collisions, but won't use them directly, just feed them as a dataset to an AI to learn from them, i'm willing to sign NDAs if needed :)

A big thank you to whoever wants to help me, i promise if my project ever manages to go commercial i won't forget about you :)

EDIT: my config uses the "M" key to enable/disable telemetry, it will only save complete laps but will always start recording when you join track, you can change those things in the .ini file, but PLEASE leave everything else as i set it!


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I got some help from the guys on ISR that are doing a GT3 league, but still need as much help as i can get...

If someone is willing to help, any GT car telemetry would be good, also GTE, GT1, porsche cup, etc.

I will soon start the training of my AI on the data i already have, but i fear that it's still not enough and the fact that i only got telemetries for the McLaren 720S and the BMW M6 may be a bit limiting