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PC2 [HELP] Quick tyre temp/pressure question (Telemetry screenshot included)

I'm new to Project Cars 2, I had Project Cars 1, Forza 2 & 3 and still have Assetto Corsa so I'm not a total noob, but I'm in a battle with a friend of mine for a #1 Hot Lap Leaderboard position (we keep stealing it from eachother every other day) so I'm working on my car setup a bit more and could do with a bit of help with the tyres. So far I've tweaked the camber to get a pretty even tyre temp across the width of all the tyres as that makes sense to me (correct me if I'm wrong please), so now my main issue is knowing what I should be aiming for here, do I aim for a specific temp (which means pressure is all different) or do I aim for a specific pressure (which means temperature is all different)?

My gut tells me I should be aiming for a specific temp, so if that's the case what temp? (Car and track detail below) And also as you can see me right side tyres are a lot cooler than my left tyres so I tried upping the pressure in those (this I probably the wrong thing to do but seemed right at the time because as I added pressure the temps started to rise) but I've got to a point where the middle of the tyre is getting hotter than the outsides (which makes perfect sense) so how can I get heat into the left tyres so they match the right tyres?

I'm not looking for pages and pages of technical data sheets, just a quick rough insight into what I'm supposed to be aiming for and how to start to achieve it ;)

Car - Mini Countryman RX
Tyres - 'Dry' (No slicks available on this car as far as I can see)
Track - Donington National
Track Condition - Ambient 83°F - Surface 116°F - Medium Cloud (These are the permanent settings for Hot Lap mode)

Yes its a Rally Cross car on a tarmac circuit but its fun once you start to develop a tarmac setup for it.

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The temperatures should not be equal. The inner side of the tire should always be hotter than the outer side (camber), and the middle temperature should be in between (pressure).
There is no simple answer: the general criterion is that to get good times you need to be in the optimal range for both parameters. To do this, you have to pay close attention to the temperatures by acting on the pressure (if too high, raise the pressure and vice versa), but also brake opening has effect on tyre temperature. It is possible that particular circuits / driving styles need lower pressures to increase the grip a little (e.g. in circuits where it is difficult to raise the temperatures and there are no high top speeds, since too low pressure decreases the max speed).
Roger that. So to increase temp I decreases or increase pressure?
If you want to increase the middle temperature, you need to increase the pressure. Looking at your screenshot, you would need to decrease pressures by a lot. You should aim for around 27 psi. Correct pressures are more important than overall temperatures.
The first target should be getting the correct tire pressure to form the right shape for the tire carcass. In general, hot pressure at high 27 psi is a good first trial for a good contact patch. Next, look at the imo temp delta. Ideally, the temp delta between IM should be similar to the temp delta of MO. While Inner tire being the hottest. On you front left tires IM is the same after Coppice and the back straight, I think your tire carcass is still ballooning out a bit. I would trying lowering that pressure by 2 psi. Then check your camber, the front left temp delta for IO is very small, I would aim for about a 15-20 F delta between IO after some straight in the track. The delta should be lower right after a high energy corner like Coppice. The other three tires are way over pressured, as their M temp is the highest. IMO temp should pretty much almost always be I>M>O, then using camber to adjust their delta.

Hope this helps!
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