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Help Please - My Settings for Madcatz Officially Licensed Wireless Wheel for XBox360

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by M Theory, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. M Theory

    M Theory

    First of all, I am new to racing wheels and I know the Madcatz is quite a basic wheel. So I have just entered a whole new learning curve (maybe 2 hours so far) after three years of playing the F1 game and others with an XBox controller.

    The following setup, after experimenting, is the most promising I have used so far (able to get a clean lap only 3 secs slower than my xbox controller lap). I would appreciate any suggestions.

    Steering Deadzone 1%
    Steering Saturation 15%
    Steering Linearity 50%
    Throttle Deadzone 0%
    Throttle Saturation 30%
    Brake Deadzone 2%
    Brake Saturation 40%

    No Force Feedback on this, so FF left on default.

    The brake deadzone is in there because as a British car driver accustomed to using my left foot on the clutch, I have a tendency to ride the clutch, ready to dip it, when cornering. I also have the wheel on my lap.

    I am not discouraged as I fully expected converting from xbox controller to any make of racing wheel to be a fairly lengthy learning process.
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  2. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    Retired Staff Premium

    I don't know this wheel at all, but I would watch the saturation levels, because increasing saturation makes a control more sensitive. This can make throttle and brake control more challenging on any controller :)

    Anyway ..... I stole this from a user at Codemasters, who says he uses his F1 2012 settings. :)

    • Steering deadzone: 2%
    • Steering saturation: 13%
    • Steering linearity: 25%
    • Throttle deadzone: 3%
    • Throttle saturation: 0%
    • Brake deadzone: 3%
    • Brake saturation: 0%
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  3. M Theory

    M Theory

    Thank you for your reply here. It has been very helpful to use settings someone else is actually using instead of experimenting in the dark. Problem for me is that it has been difficult to judge how much of my performance is down to being new to wheels, how much is due to the settings of the wheel. So I think it best to stick to a setup as the learning process takes its course.

    It's worth putting down a few observations about the MadCatz Wireless Wheel for XBox 360 here. So far it seems quite robust, easy to setup if you follow the instructions that come with it and I had no problems getting it to connect to the console, though I find I have to use the wheel to start the xbox (can't switch from one controller to this one without a restart). The padles and buttons are ergonomically easy to use, but there are no shoulder buttons. The pedals travel 6cm (2.5") which I think is quite lengthy for racing, but I suppose the upside is reduced wheelspin and lockups. I am 1.5m away from the console and there is no discernable lag. There is no FF but I cannot comment on this as I have never used a wheel before. The wheel centres itself quite strongly.

    I am using Silverstone primarily for learning, trying to beat a mediocre hotlap set on the xbox controller of 1:32.x, and am not yet setting consistent lap times, though I have fluked to within 1.6. Why Silverstone? Don't know and it might be the wrong circuit to learn using a wheel, but it does have bits like Brooklands where very fine throttle control is needed and Copse to Chapel has got to be a test for any steering system.

    I find the pedal travel for this wheel set quite huge (6cm) and for me, the user at Codemasters settings are a bit twitchy (steering), so have adjusted to the following and am going to stick with this until the controls become second nature. I am also going to stick to basics, focussing on spotting breaking points for straight line braking and getting all that to be automatic before I start pushing into the turns with this wheel. For now am sticking with the following setting to get through that learning curve.

    Steering deadzone: 0%
    Steering Saturation: 16%
    Steering Linearity: 30% (might start reducing this in small increments)
    Throttle deadzone: 0%
    Throttle Saturation 16% (feels a bit unresponsive to me on 0%)
    Brake deadzone 3%
    Brake saturation 0%

    Hope this thread might be helpful to anyone else who has bought a MadCatz and/or is new to wheels like me.
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2013
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  4. robin2610


    Hi M Theory,

    I follow your below setting for my madcatz steering wheel aweosome though I am new to F1 but was struggling lot to improve timing and other things.
    Your setting is perfect for MADCATZ if one knows when to push and how ? I struggle sometimes still but I think if I will use kers and drs at the right time at right place with your settings will be beating roseberg or Hamilton :)

    Many thanks pls keep posting for all tracks latest development.