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Help on material choice

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by zaxxon, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. zaxxon


    I need help on material's choice

    I want to select a material for the track that fits that of Fraizer Wells.
    What material should I use in the MaterialEditor?
    (or what number on the rbr file)

    (I had a look at PS_USA.ini but I am not sure how to interpret the material's numbers shown there)
  2. jharro


    if you're refering to ground physics you can use the editor for original format which you can find it here along with some brief instructions.

    to find the stage numbers have a look inside ..\Richard Burns Rally\WHBS.ini, you'll find something like:
    10 = Arctic 1
    11 = Arctic 2
    12 = Arctic 3
    13 = Arctic 4
    18 = ArcticServicePark
    20 = England 1
    21 = England 2

    close to the end of the file.

    btw. PS_****.ini files are not materials, they are used for particle system configuration which i guess it isn't what you're looking for.
  3. zaxxon


    The track number is "61" for Fraizer Wells.

    With the original editor (referred by jharro) I opened the file
    Richard Burns Rally\track-61_M.mat

    Once opened this file, on the right-down corner of the editor the different materials for this track were shown. I selected "USA 2002 standard dry new". Then on the left-up screen, as I moved the mouse I got (in the lower part of the screen) the name of the material for that part of the texture. In this case it was "Gravel Fine Shallow Dry". Looking in the list of materials (right-up part of the screen) the number for the material was 17.

    Thanks jharro:wink2:

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