Help needed: Steering setup TM TX servo base

just revisiting AMS now that its supposedly all done and dusted with final update etc with the intent of making sure all my files i have uploaded here for skins etc still working for the SuperV8. i used to beat the AMS drums all thru beta and early years but now its just become a PITA!! after having to work out how to get it to first look decent enough to even bother which involved researching the internet to discover you have to use Nvidia inspector STILL to get it looking like its worth having a look at.

and then to have now wasted about 3 hours on trying to get the steering to work. unreal.

I cannot for the life of me get the steering working correctly

i have a TM TX servo base, fanatec pedals and shifter,
i have installed the latest driver for it,
the wheel is detected as joy3, other devices are 1 & 2
i have redone profile a few times,
i have validated game files
all assists are off

auto rotation set to on.

it appears to be setting the rotation in game for selected car but not adjusting the rotation of the physical wheel to match it...

about to go STUFF IT, not worth the headaches again.

any advice on how to get sorted, thanks.
We are investigating those autorotation issues. Did it work for you previously? If so, you can roll back the version so you can play without issues while we fix that.

And if you could post a trace file here, it would help us with the investigation.
Hi Heitor, it has been a long time since played AMS but yes pretty sure I have played with the current hardware... next time I’m on the PC I will try find the trace file. Do you know if these ideas are legitimate
1. Make sure wheel is recognised as joy1?
2. Use a USB 2 port not USB 3
Those where a couple things I read today but did not try.