Help needed for creating car classes


RTFM Racing team-owner
Jan 8, 2017
Hello fellow simracers.

For 2 years, I've been thinking of making my own season, or at least make something like it using car classes. Problems I face are:
  1. not being able to find custom teams while creating a season mod
  2. not being able to create a different class with only my custom teams in it to work around the above mentioned problem.
I once was able to modify the .MAS file of the Corvette GTE from S397 but after an update (I believe the one that introduced the material system) the changes I made disappeared. Even custom teams have disappeared after minor updates of those cars. This is not only irritating, but it also hinders my plan to include this in my YouTube channel which should be based around this "custom season". I hope someone can help me solving these problems.

Yours Faithfully,
Joris Kirkels


Dec 28, 2009
A example off a series being made up with custom teams is using the GT cars from S397.

Same idea can be applied to the GTE cars.

As for updates, that's just part off it. You need to update your series to match. This will be the case whether you use the S397 cars or any other mod/cars you do this with if their updated.

There's a good selection off community made liveries for the S397 cars but for me, to make a series I like to have all the cars use the same standard off number plates on the sides and carry series sponsors apart from the teams sponsors. It's give the mod fluidity. More like a real series, but not.

Can follow a real series but in most cases there isn't all the brands available to do that. A lot off people would prefer a real series over a fictional one but if you don't have the cars it's not that accurate in any case.