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Help me wire up my formula style wheel

I am designing a formula type wheel. I am using the AIM Formula Steering wheel as inspiration. I am nearing completion on my design. I know that I can wire this thing up using many boards and maybe have a board type usb hub??? I was wondering if anyone can (describe how they did it) or point me to a resource that has a similar number of switches such as this with only one wire coming out the wheel.

I am also planning on using sim hub as the software - I am a registered user.

What is the most efficient way to wire this up? What are the mininum number of boards that I can use?

(2) Rotary encoders
(1) Nextion 4.3 display with USB ->TTL Serial adapter
(8) push Button Switches
(2) Hinge Lever switches

All ideas/help would be appreciated. I am hoping to share step by step instructions and files when I am complete. It would be really helpful to me and others to have a really efficient wiring/nano/usb concept

LeecarL, Thanks a lot. Your write up is great. Just what I was looking for. I was hoping to do it without the USB hub, but I guess that is the only way...
Hi Jean-Paul,
I have a wheel project up on Thingiverse that has wiring similar to what you are looking for. I also included a description of the wiring needed. If you need more info, Amstudio always has great instructions on his youtube channel.
Here is the link:


I studied the info you posted on thingiverse. The attached image is my best guess of how you did your wiring. It gets expensive pretty fast. Anyway, thanks for you sharing your build. I ordered the parts from your material list. Saved me a lot of time and digging around.

Yup that looks right

The just be sure to check and re-check the USB cables are correct after soldering. I always get one wrong, then struggle to find out what went wrong! haha.

It does get expensive certainly, but the results are good. If you hate matrix wiring as I do, the BU0836a board has a HAT that simplifies the wiring. It should also be in the instructions/parts list. It's certainly not necessary, but if you build a few wheels, you'll get tired of all the wires everywhere!