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  1. Rishabh


    Hello everyone, I am facing some problems in F1 2013 since long time. I have added screenshots, please look into it and help me.

    My problems are:
    1) My tyres are not degrading at all. They stay fresh forever which I don't want.
    2) There is no option of changing fuel mix which is also irritating.

    Please help me guys. Do tell me if there is any mod for this so that I can enjoy this game in better way.

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  2. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
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    I don't know about the tyres, but you could check your install is not corrupted in any way, and that all 6 patches are installed.

    1/ Steam > Right Click on F1 2013 > Properties > Local File Tab > Verify Integrity of Game Cache - Any broken files and missing patches will be automatically installed

    2/ Check your fully patched - Read the 1st post here (near the bottom) :-

    3/ Fuel Sim - Look at what settings and aids you are using and take note. Do not use any of the default levels like Pro or Amateur. Set your game to use LEGEND settings, once this is done, adjust each aid manually. So switch on Racing Line or auto gears if you want. So you are adjusting it bit by bit DOWN from Legend, rather than using one of the other default settings.

    Your fuel sim should now be enabled.
  3. Airmessy


    Change your difficulty to legendary run a quick race then change the settings back to how you like them.
    I had the same. iirc it is something to do if you skipped the first day on the young drivers test. Its a known issue on the codemasters forums. So yeah just set difficulty to legendary run a race then change it to what you like it should sort it out.