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Discussion in 'F1 2014 - The Game' started by zoranzoki, May 3, 2017.

  1. zoranzoki


    I am playing a career mode with Caterham and man do I suck! My best result qualifying lap, after trying many setups, in Australia is 1:34:xxx. I saw guys talking about 1:26:xxx like it's ''not too bad''! I am driving with pad, all assists off, with auto gears only. What are some advices you can give me, except practice make it better (I've been practicing just Australia for 20 hours so far, maybe more)?
    In 2013 and all before I was god in this game on hardest settings, now I can barely play on Professional. I also have really big problem with tyre wear. I tried many mod's but nothing helped.
  2. RicciardoFan17


    I find the right setup can be key. What I did with my setup(not just for Australia, everywhere) was turn the front and rear wing angle down to 1. This might sound crazy, but you get great top end speed. So with the 1-1 wings you might be thinking no cornering grip. Wrong. I have my balance settings both at 1. In the suspension, all 4 settings are also at 1. In alignment, the cambers are both as far left as possible, and the toes are as far right as possible. Apart from the wings, everything in my setup is aimed at cornering grip. Try it, you will be surprised.