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Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by BenKay, Sep 10, 2018.

  1. BenKay


    Hi Guys,

    I'm really struggling to decide which triple monitors to buy.

    I'm going to be running a Sim-Labs P1 rig, with D-Box 4250i
    Monitor stand is the free-standing one from Sim-Labs.

    I had pretty much settled on 27" being the "sweet-spot" for 1:1 effect...I just worry that with the d-box movement, I'm going to have to move the displays back a bit further to avoid them being hit by the OSW motor. I'm therefore thinking 32" or 35" might be best.

    I have 1080ti. I really liked the massive wraparound effect that ISR did with the BENQ 3501, so I've been concentrating on Superwides, but is that really a must? Or should I concentrate on QHD monitors?

    Can someone give me recommendations of specific model numbers that offer good performance and value for money?

    Thanks, Ben
  2. Emery


    I haven't seen any 35" 16:9, only have seen the ultrawides… and ultrawides are really just 16:9 27" monitors stretched wider, so you're not gaining any vertical FOV like you would with 16:9 32" monitors. Having to move monitors back to clear your wheel is not an uncommon problem and that means you need to gain vertical FOV as triples already have plenty of horizontal FOV.

    So... what I'm leading up to is stick to 16:9 aspect ratio for triple monitors and go for 32". However, be aware that you'll want 1440p to keep the pixels small enough and a single 1080ti is borderline for triple 1440p if you're expecting to lock a high refresh rate (e.g. 90+ Hz). If you're willing to settle for 75 Hz locked or occasional flutters on race starts, then triple 1440p on a single 1080ti is fine.

    I'm eyeballing for when I upgrade from a GTX1080 (not the ti) to the 2080ti. The only reason they're not an instabuy is they're only 75 Hz and I keep hoping someone will make a similar monitor higher refresh options for a reasonable price... it might happen by the time I buy the GPU, right? :rolleyes:

    One last bit is to make VERY SURE that the monitor stand is compatible with whatever monitors you buy before making a final commitment. A lot of the triple monitor stands are sized for particular ranges and 32" 16:9 & 35" ultrawides are often out of the supported range.
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  3. BenKay


    Very good advice, thank you.

    My stand will take 32" 16:9 monitors no problem.

    I think that narrows my looking down at least :
    VA or IPS panel
    75 or greater refresh
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