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Help, how do I fix the ''Driver model is probably missing" problem?

Every time that I try to use the kunos BMW M3 E30 the race gets cancelled and I get a unexpected error saying ''Driver model is probably missing", I never edited any files nor download any bmw mods recently, the thing just stopped working for seemingly no reason, I already veryfied the files using steam multiple times and it doesn't solve anything

Even though the CM says that the model is missing I can still find it in the game files and even load it in showroom, so I guess the game just can't find it.

I've also tested several different cars that use the same driver model and they all work fine, the problem seems to be only with the E30, any idea how to fix this?

(edit: just removed every single mod and reinstalled the car alone and it didn't work, I might have to reinstall the whole game)

(edit 2: I reinstalled the game entirely and the problem still there, same error message, same car, no mods installed btw)


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Cote Dazur

SIM Addict
''Driver model is probably missing",
Usually means just that, either find the driver and place it in the driver folder or change the driver in 3D driver.ini in the data folder.
Other option do a file verification in Steam, it will restore whatever is missing now if it is part of the original game.