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Help find a rim that matches some prerequisites

Guys, I need your help:)
I already have a SC2 sport with a nice rim (Tomo's BBPro32). Now I'm looking for a GTE/LMP/Formula-type rim that
- is connected via USB (to avoid further vendor-lock-in)
- has at least one 7-way-switch which to me is the only serious way to control menus while driving
- has a dual-clutch-system (for nice take-offs:))

I'm looking for something of high quality as I don't mind spending a few hundred Euros more to avoid 3D-printed or China-plastic stuff. Given my restrictions above I'm prepared to bleed:)

As far as I can see this limits me to the options of
- Ascher F64 which nobody knows if it will ever be in stock again or
- Cube Control Formula PRO

The CC has the nice addition of backlit buttons but the grips have a terrible plastic-look to me. The Ascher also seems to have a more serious built quality generally and a better clutch adjustment that can't be changed accidentally.

Now the questions:
- Have I missed an additional option?
- Who of the owners of one of these fine products can share some thoughts and experience?