Help! Driver's View Skewed Left in Every Car

Hey yall

I need advice. Been using AC for about 6 months now, and suddenly last night, when i get into the any car on any track, i am getting a 'skewed to the left view from the cockpit that shows only the left front tire'. The view is not just skewed to the left, but is weirdly distorted too.

See attached picture.

I am using AC along with Content Mgr and i go into the game using the Accuforce V2 wheel's 'Sim Commander 4' cloud profile button.

I went into the video settings for AC, for Sim Commander 4, for Content Mgr, and they all appear correct (i am using a single 34 inch 21:9 monitor).

I checked to see if somehow the VR view was enable, but it still shows 'single screen' in Content Mgr.

I tried changing the driver's views (the 1-9 views with 1 being the in cockpit view). Sometimes, if viewing replays in views other than the #1 in cockpit view, it keeps the view setting and you have to go back into a replay and put the view back to the #1, but setting it to view #1 in the replay and then going back into the game didn't help.

Also, the F1, F2, etc buttons do not appear to work at all when in game (they are supposed to be hot keys for changing the driver's view)

I hit my head on it for over an hour last night, and am out of ideas. What the heck suddenly changed to make my view hardset to some warped skewed to the left view in every car?!



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