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*Help cars* rpm goes down while accelerating

I have had this problem for a while and I just need some help here's a link to the issue I'm facing:

keep in mind that my foot is constantly on accelerate except for when I'm changing gears, you will see me start to slow down to a stop but my foot is still on the accelerate pedal. also would like to mention that the car feels abnormally slow at the start of the next gear (2nd gear) THIS HAPPENS TO MULTIPLE CARS THAT ARE PROVIN TO WORK BY NUMEROUS PEOPLE


If it's working for other people you might have a misconfigured brake or handbrake axis so it's always 100% on.
Feels right. So you are getting off the line in a low gear, reaaaalllly slowly, and then in a higher gear you no longer have the torque to beat the brake friction = slowing down to a stop.